Monday, August 18, 2014

This is Kindergarten? Who Knew?

101 Uses for Shaving Cream....And then it is oh, so clean!  These kindergarten students in Susan Gaskin's class are glad for one use of shaving cream:  ART!  Hey....did you write your name?  Did you write your ABC's, numbers and draw your shapes?  How many pictures did you use with your shapes?

 If you thought shaving cream was
just for your dad's face, think again!

 To each his own is not just for adults.  I 
like my pictures and yours, too!

"Hey, y'all, this drawing in the shaving cream is neat,
but I love how clean my desk is now!  I even
smell like my dad and grand dad!

Tiger Tales....News from C. L. Salter...August 13, 2014

Dear Parents:

     We have had a busy first few days of school.  So many positive things are happening here at Salter School.  Please stress to your child the importance of being present at school each day, listening in class, doing your best, behaving in class, being on time for school, etc.
     Attendance is of utmost importance.  Please make sure your child attends school each day.  The State Department of Education monitors our attendance and we are striving for 100%.  Make sure you send an excuse each time your child is absent.  Also send a note to your child's teacher if you are changing transportation.  It is the policy of the Board of Education that this  must be submitted each time there is a change.  We cannot make a change in transportation over the telephone.
     If you haven't had a chance to visit our school this year, please come!  You are in for a real TREAT!  Our pond is beautiful; vegetables will soon be growing in our Outdoor Classroom; the bird sanctuary has been filled with birds; we are enjoying the discovery tables on the grounds of our school and many other positive changes have been made.
     Our students are so fortunate to have planners again this year in grades 2-6.  Planners are a one stop place for you to see your child's homework each night.  Spelling words are also included in the planners as well as important reminders, conduct, etc.  Planners should go home each afternoon and come back to school signed by a parent again each day.  Thursday folders are an addition to our school again this year.  They contain important information about our school that you will have at your fingertips.  Weekly papers are sent home in the Thursday folders.  The school is providing a FREE planner and a FREE folder to your child.  If they are lost, planners cost $3.00 and folders cost $1.50 for replacement.
     Thanks to Mrs. Hester and Mrs. Armstrong for their hard work on the Salter School BLOG.  The web address is:   You can view all o f the latest happenings at school as well as important things to come.  There is also a connection to Stride Academy, Accelerated Reader, STI Home, lunch menu, school calendar, and Destiny (which is our library connection).
     We welcome you to have lunch with  your child, but Board of Education policy states that no food may be brought into the lunchroom from an outside source (fast food restaurant).  We also encourage you to visit your child's classroom.  Board of Education policy states that these visits are for observation only for 30 minutes.  This is for observation only; please schedule another time to have a conference!
     We had a GREAT turn out for Orientation Night.  We had over 25 families to join PTO.  The cost is $3.00 for a single membership or $5.00 for a family membership.  The school spends the money on various things such as Brain Pop website, computers, software, field trips, testing incentives, Fall Festival, and much more!  We encourage you to join when we have out PTO Open House in September.

August Reminders!

  • August 18:      School store opens and sells school supplies
  • August 18:      Breakfast begins
  • August 29:      National Team Colors Day - Wear your team colors!
  • September 1:  Labor Day - No School!!!
     We are always looking for volunteers to help spruce up our school and ground.  Please call the school if you can volunteer to help.  We will work around your schedule.  If you work at Honda, you can earn money for our school just for volunteering!  Our telephone number is 256-315-5822.

Thank You!!!

Mrs. Griffin

Welcome to 2014-2015-Salter Elementary Style!

On August 8th we boarded a bus-
A big one to hold our staff-All of us!
We had a bullhorn ready to blow
Because we wanted our neighborhood to know
That Salter School was on the street
With hugs and greetings for all who would meet----
Our staff at the big yellow bus!

We had a good time, yes it was hot!
You wouldn't believe the strange looks that we got!
But the saying of old
That's worth more than gold
Is the feeling in their heart we want them to behold:
"Students will never care how much a teacher knows
until they know how much a teacher cares."

 Several teachers, staff and students at our first stop!

All smiles and ready to go!

 "Mrs. Armstrong:  we can't smile anymore in this heat!"

 A little sideways view of our fearless leader and crew!

 We were looking for them more than they were us!

 "Where are all the children?"

 Wait....there they are!

 "Salter School is in your neighborhood."

 Making memories!

 "Mrs. Griffin, please tell us a story!"
 Selfie gone awry!

 Yes, Mrs. Branham is my teacher!

 Teachers and students at another stop!

 Mrs. Griffin, a couple of teachers and a few kids!

 The Web children were waiting on us all morning! 

Mrs. Griffin said, "Here, Mrs. Armstrong; let me take one with you in the group."

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Every single teacher/school staff person I know
Lights a flame in a child to watch it grow.
Just like a candle that burns in the night....
Hoping that all can see it's light.....
In the future, burning steady and bright.

C. L. Salter staff received wonderful, scented candles from our PTO.  What a way to "brighten" our day!

Teachers and staff members everywhere
Are popping here and popping there;
We appreciate the healthy popcorn snack...
To help us get our "poppy self" back!

Who doesn't need an extra serving of "poppy" this time of year?  We are all in our "end of the year tizzy mode"!  Our wonderful PTO likes to keep us "popping" so we all were given a bag of popcorn!

While fruit treats are healthy and strawberries are my fave-
We all know what teachers mostly crave...
All fruit is good and we all love to eat;
But when chocolate is added-oh,  my, what a treat!

This is what we found on the work room table yesterday!  Can we say "yummy" and "spoiled?"  

This morning when we arrived to school
We found this; isn't it cool?
A clipboard and pen to keep us in line...
Being a teacher is simply divine!
3 days of teacher appreciation....
We have THE best PTO in the NATION!

We can all stay on task with our cute clipboards and matching pen.  Thank you to our wonderful PTO for three (3) days of making us feel so loved and special!  Y'all are the icing on our cake, for sure!

Written by:
Rebecca Armstrong

Principal Johnson
Secretary Light

Principal & Secretary of the Day!

Our schools need money to buy lots of "stuff"
And these two girls sold more than enough!
They are the highest sellers in C. L. Salter School-
They are principal and secretary for the day-now that's COOL!

LaMaria and Macy can tell you all about
How the office life is-there's no doubt!
Their future is looking so bright and well
And it all began with items to sell.

If you would like to be where they are
Just set your aim high and you will go far!
I'm sure they'd be happy to share some tips with you-
Straight from the heart of seller #1 and #2!

Written by:
Rebecca Armstrong

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The reason for success across the nation
Is why this week is Teacher Appreciation!
They give of themselves the whole year through
Because they want what is best for you!
They get up early and stay up late
They are the last in line; they always wait.
They grade your papers wherever they go
Their red pens and grade books are always in tow!
They support you at school and some of your events
They laugh at your jokes (even the ones that make no sense)!
They pat you on your back when you have been good
They let you know, too, when you've not been as you should.
They try their best to be honest and fair
They want you to know how much they care.
During this week when we celebrate education....
Try YOUR best to show your teacher "a little appreciation!"