Friday, September 25, 2015

Chester Drawers, from way out yonder in a place called Missouri, visited Salterville on September 24, 2015.  He is a beloved children's author and folk singer.  His songs and tales are intertwined with humor and lessons on building positive character traits in children.  He was kind enough to send us the lyrics to his songs so he was delighted to hear the children sing along.  He is living proof that there's more to a person than meets the eye.  Thank you, Mr. Chester Drawers, for visiting our school.  We hope we helped your stories of your Alabama visit be ones you'll enjoy telling!  Until we meet again, "Yeeeeee-Haw!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Tigers Are in the House!

Football season is here and I'm glad!
Football season is good, not bad.
The cheerleaders cheer their team in the game
I love our team and Tigers the name!

The players and cheerleaders visit our school
Now listen to me...this is really cool!
They bring their Tiger in his furry suit
He gives us hugs; we think he's cute!

We love seeing our students who are now so grown
Coming back to give back from the seeds they've sown.
We wish our Tigers the very best
Because we know they roar louder than all the rest!

The Tiger mascot is shown here with one of 
Mrs. Cochran's fourth graders, Tykayla Fears,
 and a member of the THS football team, JQ Wilson.
Lots of Learning and Learning Is Good is
Happening at Salterville, in your neighborhood!
So learn all you can, do you hear me now?
Learning is good but you have to know how!

Mrs. Frames and Mrs. Phillips know how to have fun
When making the fossils till the job is all done.
These 3rd graders learn with fun in this place
We know that because of the smile on each face!

Just ask a 3rd grader about fossils, you hear?
They'll tell you about it with laughter and cheer!
Their teachers helped them to learn a fun way
Learning is brightens your day!