Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Almost May....

With the month of May approaching
Lots of things are ending....
A school  year or school career,
A child's high school days,
A child's elementary days,
Playing high school sports,
Cheering or participating in the band program.

This is the last time you will see some of the people you go to school or work with.
Memories that warm the heart will last forever.
Speak kindly to your friends and even kinder to your 
"frien-enemies."  You never know when "those words used" will be the last words you say or they hear.

April showers bring May flowers
Wherever they may grow.
Making memories or choosing not to....
Only you will know!

Happy May, 2014....the last month of the 2013-2014
school year!

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Little Dirt Won't Hurt You!

Mother Earth.  Our home.  Earth Day, 2014 was a fun success for all.  Please take a look at a few of the photos which captured the spirit of the day.