Friday, October 31, 2008

Book Fair

The Book Fair was a big success. Thanks to all the teachers, parents, and students who visited and shopped. A special thanks to all the volunteers that gave their time to help make this event so successful.

District Wide Parent Extravaganza

The District Wide Parent Extravaganza was held at Talladega High School on October 21. After a welcome session from Dr. Horton, Mr. Campbell, Pattie Thomas, and Board Chairman Joe Hare, parents were invited to attend two sessions of their choosing. The Extravaganza ended in the lunchroom of Talladega High School with parents, teachers, students, and the community enjoying food, fellowship, and lots of interesting information tables.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cookie Dough Sale

Our cookie dough fundraiser was a HUGH success thanks to students, parents, and teachers. Our goal was $2,500.00 and we raised over $9,700.00 for our school!!! We plan to buy a "treasure tower" for reading incentives, technology for the school, and use the funds for many ongoing projects. Students were rewarded with grab bag prizes, the nickel grab, the Moon Walk jump, drawings, and a $50.00 gift certificate that was won by our top seller Lakevious. Teachers were awarded with popcorn parties, a pizza party, lunch, and gift certificates. We are very proud of our students and greatly appreciate their efforts.

"Moving forward to meet the demands of a changing world."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Salter Shut-Ins

Mrs. Ensley and Ms. Joiner, along with their fourth grade students, presented bags of goodies to their selected shut-ins in the community. Included in the bags were items ranging from toiletries to food items. The reaction to this loving gesture of compassion was evident in the face of the ladies. They enjoyed the visit more than receving the gift items. Both teachers agreed that they received greater satisfaction from their visit than did the shut-ins. Each month, teachers and students come up with creative ideas to reach the elderly in our community. Instilling values within the students that promote long-lasting care and compassion is the goal of the principal and faculty.

The Principal's Principles

CREATIVITY - CREATIVITY MEANS TO USE YOUR IMAGINATION TO DEVELOP NEW IDEAS. Our imagination is powerful and can be used in many ways. According to Albert Einstein " Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

Creativity is the power to explore the world and express yourself in your own unique way. You can express your ideas and feelings through art by drawing pictures, writing stories, playing musical instruments, dancing, acting in a play, or singing in the choir. Leonardo da Vinci was a famous painter, but he was also a genius in math, engineering, and science. He imagined and drew detailed pictures of machines similar to a helicopter and a military tank hundreds of years before they were actually created. Let your creativity and dreams be the beginning of wonderful inventions or beautiful art.

Art Projects

Several students from Talladega College visited our Kindergarten, first, and second grades to work on an art project together. They worked on details with shapes and made some spooky Halloween pictures. Thanks Talladega College students!

"Moving forward to meet the demands of a changing world"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mobile Apple Notebook Laptop Stations

Mr. Locklin, Mrs. Bostick, Mrs. Romine, and Mrs. Clark worked diligently to download programs onto the Apple Notebook Laptops to get them ready to be used by the students and teachers. Integrating technology into the classroom has been a priority at Salter. Our goal is to prepare our students for the 21st Century and using technology such as SMARTBoards, Classroom Performance Systems, and laptop notebooks will help get them started.

The Principal's Principles

COURTESY - Courtesy is being polite, using good manners, and showing consideration to others. When you hold a door open for someone else, carry groceries for a neighbor, or pick up spilled crayons for a classmate, you are showing courtesy. "Courtesy is a small act, but it packs a big wallop." Polite words have a powerful affect. Words such as "Please," "thank you," "excuse me," and "I'm sorry" can add a "wallop" of happiness to anyones day. Remember ..... courtesy is kindness! Choose someone this week and show courtesy to them.

Boss's Day

At Salter we were so excited to honor our principal, Mrs. Griffin, with a little surprise on Boss's Day. We appreciate all her hard work, long hours, and dedication to the students and faculty at C. L. Salter.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Principal's Principles

COURAGE - Courage is the ability to face danger, and find strength to overcome fear. Physical courage gives us the strength to face challenges that put our bodies in danger. Moral courage helps us to do what is right, even if someone makes fun of us. It can be scary to say"no" when someone you like asks you to do something that is wrong. It takes courage to stand up for what is right. Be strong enough not to follow the crowd! Use good judgment to make the right choices in your life.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free Online Tutoring Service Available

Governor Bob Riley has announced a free online tutoring service that is available to all students in Alabama. The tutoring sessions are available to students in fourth through 12th grades. Tutors are available Sunday through Thursday to assist students in subjects ranging from English to Math, Science and Social Studies. To receive these service parents and students can log on to

Fourth Grade U. S. States Study

The fourth grade classes have been studying and learning all fifty states in the United States. They have a selected region to study each week. When all the regions have been studied, the children will show their knowledge by filling out the states and abbreviations on a blank map. Students are doing research to find interesting facts about each state. Mrs. Ensley and Ms. Joiner are both amazed at the way their student have mastered the learning of these states . To make this study even more interesting, the computer game "Password" is being used to reinforce the facts the students have learned. Keep up the good work fourth grade!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

" Box Tops for Education"

Students at C. L. Salter are collecting box tops, and the proceeds will go toward some project that benefits the students. Bar graphs in the hallway reveal the number collected by each homeroom. This competition between classes motivates students to bring in their special collections each Friday. The winning class receives special treats each week, as well as students who bring in 20 or more box tops.

Each box top is worth ten cents, and General Mills donates the money to schools participating in the event. Since the beginning of this school year, Salter students have collected over 5,000 box tops.

The winning class for 2008-2009 wins a pizza party. Second and third places enjoy ice cream. Coordinator for this project is fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Ensley. She, along with the principal and staff, encourage students and parents to keep collecting these box tops.

The Principal's Principles

COOPERATION - Cooperation means getting along with each other and working together to accomplish a common goal.

  • When people cooperate, they can accomplish things they could never do all by themselves.

  • Bees can teach us a lot about cooperating! Each bee has a specific job to do - some gather pollen from flowers, some fight to protect the hive, others take care of the baby bees, and another group takes care of the queen bee. We should be like bees each day and work together and cooperate with one another to achieve our goals.

  • An English poet named John Heywood wrote: "Many hands make light work." When people cooperate, it is easier to accomplish big tasks.

  • Cooperation is a big part of our school day. We cooperate by lining up for the library, straightening the desks for the next day, and cleaning the lunch tables.

"Bee" cooperative this week and make it a terrific week.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

P. T. O. and Open House

Exciting things are happening at C. L. Salter School. Attendance was very good at our first P. T. O. meeting on Tuesday, September 30th. We have exciting plans to make Salter an even more student friendly environment. Thanks to Mr. Tommy Moorehead, our lunchroom will soon be receiving an "Extreme Makeover." Our Cookie Dough sale is going great and will end on October 9th. It would be so exciting to exceed our goal which would provide even more funds to improve student learning and our beautiful campus.

Many of the projects that we have planned are going to require the time and talents of volunteers. If you have the time or a particular talent that you would love to share to make your child's school a positive place please contact Mrs. Griffin.