Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I just want you to know
That everywhere I go -
Here at Salter School...
I see lots and lots that's COOL!

I hear learning through the door;
I open it...and I see even more!
Just when I think I've seen it all---
Poof!  I see more hanging in the hall!

I see teachers doing so much
Teaching with their "special touch."
I see our principal "principaling" around!
We all know she's THE best in town!

So, if you'd like to see something cool
Just come on over to Salter School!
It will truly be worth your while
And what you see will make you smile!

-Rebecca Armstrong
March 4, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

C. L. Salter is proud to celebrate and educate our students diverse heritages.  Please enjoy this movie as we share a portion of our African-American History Month Celebration.  The entire school has celebrated in different ways with readers, plays, projects, poems, activities, t-shirts and variations to the lunch menu.  February is the perfect month to celebrate diversity as it is a month of diverse holidays.
At C. L. Salter we are proud to be
Proud of our diversity.
Proud of those who've gone before us
Proud of those who've sang the chorus.
Proud of those who've taught us all
To always keep our eye on the ball!
We know where we've been; we know where we are;
Our goal is simple:  We reach for that bright star.
We look to the future and learn from the past;
By working together, we are free at last!
Each invention, speech and contribution
Help pave the road for our restitution...
Equal we are; brotherly love we show-
Living our walk everywhere we go.
This is C. L. Salter-This is what we believe:
A place where all can learn and achieve!


Black History is celebrated the whole month through
The groundhog knows his part in the month, too!
Both Lincoln and Washington celebrate their birth
We both know what their contributions are worth!
It's the perfect month for learning diversity.....
Love is the change that begins in you and me!