Thursday, January 28, 2016

James Spann's Visit to Salterville

From the moment Mr. Spann walked through the door...
He could tell this is a school and "a little bit more."
The murals on the walls tell the story of love
Of teachers and a staff that go beyond and above.

The students waited quietly for the "weather man of fame"
They clapped as he entered and was introduced by name.
His escort was, none other, than The Cat in the Hat...
And he truly didn't know what to say about that!

His pictures told a story of what he does every day
His words were chosen wisely in a most humorous way.
A few of the students were chosen to help Mr. Spann
To assist him telling his story of how his job began.

He told about his teacher when he was in first grade
And how she helped him to become the man he has made.
She saw his potential then, and gave to him a book...
And that was the start of his meterological nook.

His speech was most informative; we are all weather aware
He doesn't just predict the weather...He truly does care!
Today is all sunshine; we are happy to be alive.
We'll all be watching 33/40 to see us on the news at 5!

Thank you, Mr. Spann for coming to our school today!  You truly brightened our day and we hope your day was made a little brighter, too!

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