Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Math?

These students in Mrs. Phillips' 3rd grade class stepped "outside their box" and teamed up for Pumpkin Math.  The students had to have a plan, gut their pumpkins and remove the seeds.  Let the measuring and calculating begin!  
Way to go, Mrs. Phillips and class!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

If You Think It Is Going On...
You Must Be At C. L. Salter School!

IT is happening-just this week alone-
Our staff and students have IT going on!
We've capped bad drugs 
We've gone inside-out-
We wore our red today
We know what IT'S about!

We'll sock it to drugs tomorrow
We won't have any sorrow!
We'll team up against drugs
We'll have fun at the Fall Fest
We've voted for the best pumpkins....
Salter is just the best!

Our teachers rock here every day
They teach us to read and write what we say
They make cool stuff
To help us learn it all;
We feel so much smarter
And it is just the Fall!

 Red Ribbon Week:  Wear Red Day

 Red Ribbon Week:  Wear Red Day

Red Ribbon Week:  Wear Red Day

 Mrs. Shield's Focus Wall

 Mrs. L. Smith's Kindergarten Classroom Library

Mrs. Cochran's 4th  Grade Classroom Library

Mrs. Posey's 4th Grade Math Vocabulary Word Wall

Mrs. Posey's 4th Grade Classroom Reading Vocabulary Word Wall

Miss Curry's 5th Grade Objectives/Standards for the Day

Mrs. Barksdale's 3rd Grade Focus Wall

Mrs. Barksdale's 3rd Grade Creative Writing

Mrs. Barksdale's Reading Anchor Charts at the small group table

Mrs. Barksdale's Poetry Anchor Charts

Mrs. Barksdale's "Character Pumpkin" is now a movie star!

Mrs. Branham's and Mrs. Phillips' "Character Pumpkin" is just too cute!

Miss Curry's and Miss McDaniels' "Character Pumpkin" only wants a heart!

Mrs. Dye's and Miss Garrett's "Character Pumpkin" is where I want to go!

Mrs. Gallman's and Mrs. Ludwig's "Character Pumpkin" is too literal!

Mrs. Heath's "Character Pumpkin" is all vegged out!

Mrs. S. Noel's and Mrs. Griffin's "Character Pumpkin" is waiting to tell you a story!

Mrs. Korreckt's "Character Pumpkin" has a best friend!

Mrs. Gaskin's "Character Pumpkin" is searching for some teeth!

Coach Green's "Character Pumpkin" is ready to strike you out!

Mrs. Thielker's and Mrs. Nolen's "Character Pumpkin" needs a tea set!

Mrs. L. Smith's "Character Pumpkin" is out of cookies!

Mrs. Street's "Character Pumpkin" only wants a brain!

Mrs. Hare's "Character Pumpkin" is getting older!

Mrs. Armstrong's "Character Pumpkin" is waiting for December!

Mrs. Varnedore's "Character Pumpkin" is Letting It Go!

Mrs. Sims' "Character Pumpkin" is ready for those Mississippians!

Mrs. Whitson's "Character Pumpkin" is having a good day in the neighborhood!

Mrs. Shield's "Character Pumpkin" is not hungry anymore!

Mrs. A. Noel's "Character Pumpkin" is all smurfed out!

Mrs. Hester's "Character Pumpkin" is Pinkalicious!

Mrs. Cochran's and Mrs. Posey's "Character Pumpkins" are Frozen and looking for summer!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fund Raising Rewarded

In an effort to help our school's success with our cookie dough sale, the top prize was to get to be "P. E. Teacher/Coach for the Day!"  I'm sure the students saw their new coach this morning and we hope they all had a great day with their P. E. teacher!  Congratulations, La'Kelvius Kelley!  You sold the most cookie dough!  We all appreciate your hard work and hope your day in charge of the P. E. classes was all you though it would be!  Kudos to Coach for his inspiring role with our successful cookie dough sale.  Thank you, Mrs. Dye for giving up your student today!  As always:  C. L. Salter Elementary School is the greatest place on earth to grow and learn!

Loving yourself just opens the door
To friendships and loving others more.
Living Drug-Free is the coolest, ever!
Bad drugs are knives that destroy and sever!

Gladly wear your hats
To "Put the Cap on Drugs"
And always remember:
Hugs are better than drugs!

Salter Elementary School students, teachers and staff gladly support the efforts of Red Ribbon Week.  Here is a daily activity list for the week:

Monday:  "Put a Cap on Drugs" (Wear red/crazy cap)
Tuesday:  "Drugs Turn you Inside Out" (Wear clothes inside out)
Wednesday:  "Wear Red Day" (Wear red clothing)
Thursday:    "Put a sock on Drugs"  (Wear crazy socks)
Friday:  "Be on a Drug-Free Team" (Wear favorite team jersey)

All students are given Drug-Free Red Ribbons to wear.  They are encouraged to sign an "I Pledge to Be Drug-Free" promise.  We wish we didn't have to address this topic but, unfortunately, drug abuse is a problem in our world.  We can't keep our children from seeing bad things but we can all work together to teach them how NOT to be a part of the bad!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just like the wind and the leaves of fall
October will soon be gone away, y'all!
I'm telling you this for only one reason:
It's Fall Festival time:  the joy of the season!

We're doing things just a bit different this year;
Please do not worry; have no fear!
At the end of the day it will all be done
On Friday, October 31!

We've chosen 9:00-11:00 for grades K-2's fun
Grades 3-6 - 11:30-2:00 and it's done!
Tickets are already selling at school;
Get yours early....don't be late; be cool!

Please send in your colas
Please send in your candy
We're planning a Fall Festival
That's going to be "just dandy"!

$5.00 will buy you 20 tickets
$10.00 will buy you 45 tickets

You may purchase tickets now until 10/30/14

Remember:  The Fall Festival will be on Friday, October 31, 2014, DURING the school day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

 Do You Want to Buy Some Cookie Dough?

 Kick-Off Day for the Cookie Dough Sale!  Even teachers
and staff are excited!

 The packets are counted and ready to go home.  Have you
read yours?

 Have you asked your teachers and staff at school if 
they would like to buy some cookie dough?

 I love the way the students listened to Mr. Booker
as he presented the prizes.

 I think Mrs. Hester would like to win these shoes!

We are ready to sell!

The wonderful thing about fundraisers
Is not the prize we achieve.
It's that we help our school
To dream and believe!

With every tub of cookie dough
That's sold to neighbors and friends
Helps our school to do fun things
For memories that never end.

If everybody does their part
Successful we will be....
Success for all begins with a word
That word is!

The more you sell, the more you win
The prizes are fun to win.
October 14, 2014
Is the day to turn orders and money in.